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Master the Roads: Top Tips for Driving the Rolls Royce Ghost in Devon's Countryside

Embarking on a serene drive through Devon's picturesque landscapes is an experience like no other, especially when you're at the helm of a Rolls Royce Ghost. At Rent a Roller, we take pride in offering you an unrivalled journey in one of the most prestigious vehicles on the market. Here's our guide to ensuring your drive is as smooth and enjoyable as the luxurious comfort of our cars.

Understanding Your Rolls Royce Ghost

Before setting off, familiarize yourself with the Ghost's features. This modern marvel combines luxury car handling with performance driving, offering an impeccable experience. Adjust your seating and mirrors, and take a moment to understand the controls; this will ensure you can focus on the drive ahead.

Selecting the Best Countryside Routes

Devon's roads are a treasure trove of scenic beauty. We suggest mapping out your route beforehand to include some of the tranquil lanes that meander through the rolling hills and coastal paths. Feel free to ask us for recommendations; we know all the hidden gems.

Driving Like a Chauffeur

To truly master the roads, take a leaf from a chauffeur's book of calmness and precision. Smooth acceleration, gentle braking, and fluid steering movements ensure your passengers enjoy the serenity of your Rolls Royce drive.

Rolls Royce Ghost vs Other Models
Model Handling Luxury Features
Ghost Intuitive and Refined Top-Tier Comfort
Phantom Grand and Stately Ultimate Opulence
Wraith Sporty and Dynamic Contemporary Luxury

Remember, the Ghost is engineered for performance driving, but the key to enjoying Devon's landscapes is to take it slow. Let the car glide through the countryside, and savour every moment of your tranquil journey. 

Elevating Your Experience

While driving is a pleasure in itself, the essence of luxury is not having to drive at all. Consider hiring one of our professional chauffeurs, allowing you to immerse fully in the beauty of Devon's countryside.


  • What should I check before driving the Rolls Royce Ghost? Ensure you're comfortable with the vehicle settings, check the fuel levels, and have a planned route to maximize your driving pleasure.
  • Can I hire a Rolls Royce for a special occasion? Absolutely, our fleet is perfect for making your special day extraordinary. Contact us for arrangements.
  • Do you provide driving tips for handling different Rolls Royce models? Yes, we offer a brief orientation to help you get accustomed to the car's features and handling.

Ready to master the roads in luxury and style? Contact us at Rent a Roller, and let's make your Devon drive unforgettable.

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