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Staffordshire's Finest Vintage Wedding Cars: Your Complete Guide

Welcome to a realm where vintage car elegance meets timeless wedding themes. At Rent a Roller, we understand that your special day deserves nothing but the pinnacle of style and grace. Our fleet of vintage and modern Rolls Royce vehicles is at your service, ready to add that touch of nostalgic wedding experience to your celebration.

Exquisite Staffordshire Venues

Imagine arriving at your wedding venue in Staffordshire, nestled among picturesque landscapes, in one of our classic Rolls Royce cars. The grandeur of our Silver Cloud or the charm of a Silver Wraith II perfectly complements Staffordshire's stunning venues.

The Art of Classic Car Hire

Choosing the right wedding vehicle is pivotal. With Rent a Roller, classic car hire is an experience steeped in wedding vehicle history. Each of our cars offers a unique journey, promising to be an elegant backdrop to your wedding photographs.

Our Distinguished Fleet

Our collection is a testament to the legacy of Rolls Royce. Select from early and mid 20th century jewels like the Phantom series or the illustrious 40/50 Silver Ghost. Our late 20th century models, such as the Silver Spirit and Camargue, offer a blend of tradition with a modern touch.

Limited Editions for that Unique Touch

For those seeking exclusivity, our limited editions like the Phantom Drophead Coupe or the Wraith Eagle VIII command attention and offer unparalleled luxury.

Rolls Royce Models at a Glance
Category Model Examples
Classic and Vintage Silver Wraith, Silver Dawn
Modern Elegance Phantom, Ghost
Exclusive Limited Editions Ghost Zenith Collection, Cullinan Black Badge

Booking Your Dream Car

Choosing Rent a Roller is the first step towards a magical wedding day. Connect with us and let our dedicated team guide you through our seamless booking process.


  • How far in advance should I book my wedding car?

    We recommend booking as soon as you have your date to ensure availability of your preferred model.

  • How do I choose the right Rolls Royce model for my wedding?

    Consider the theme of your wedding, the venue, and your personal style. Our team can also provide expert recommendations.

  • For how long can I hire a wedding car?

    Our standard hire period covers the duration of your wedding event, but we can accommodate specific time requests.

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